Test Doc: Surrealism


test doc: surrealism – approved by the modern eating disorder committe, dep. agrees that things considering limited hygiene resources can lead to an itch one really shouldn’t scrat…


Moors Murderer Ian Brady To Address Tribunal
Currently, he is fed through a tube in his nose, although the panel heard on Monday he is actually eating other foods and makes himself toast every morning. Since 2002 Brady has repeatedly asked for a public hearing which he said would … He has … Read more on Sky News

Exercising Demons Away Can Backfire
People with eating disorders often find themselves locked into a cycle of excessive exercise because of a need to alleviate anxiety over gaining weight. Exercising to quiet unbearable fears should be a red flag to anyone who just can't stop. Join Room … Read more on New York Times

It's Addictive, but Well Worth the Risk
And with the exception of those whose compulsive exercise is accompanied by an eating disorder, the health consequences are rarely severe. So put down that remote, hoist yourself off the sofa, and get outside to exercise. Join Room for Debate on … Read more on New York Times