Teens and Drugs?

Question by Dick Tater is Bob Loblaw: Teens and Drugs?
I have a 15 year old daughter (will be 16 in June). I am her adoptive father. We have known for the past year that she has been dabbling in pot, and we have punished her each time (groundings, extra yardword, etc.). However, last week we received a phone call from school, and were told that she was uncontrollable and slerring speach. She had smoked pot on the way to her bus stop, and then when she got to school, her friend gave her an Oxycotin. We picked her up and took her to the hospital, and then entered her into a behavioral center after discovering that she has been using harder drugs for the past year. We met with the psych on Saturday, who said she is depressed and has anxiety and has been using drugs to mask it. He put her on Zoloft. Has anyone else out there had to deal with something similar? And has the correct medication and counseling put your teen on the right path?
Melissa, my wife is her natural mother, so yes, I know of her natural father’s drug problems and current issues. he calls her cell phone and dumps his problems on her, which is not helping out. I have changed her cell number. We are also pulling her out of her current school, and putting her in another. Counseling will continue, in fact, in will probably be court mandated as she will be on probation.
I totally understand the peer pressures of being a teen. Hell, I am only 30 years old, so it wasn’t too long ago for me. thank you all for your words – as a wise man once said, “this too shall pass.”
Thanks Amanda. And yes, I did it all too. however, I was not a depressive personality. Pot is the least of anyone’s worries. hell, I did my time with some coke, meth, acid. But, I pulled my head out of my ass.

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Answer by Jessica B
Hey, I am a teen, i will be 16 in june.

I can understand how she is feeling, ive thought about doing those things for lots of reasons, drugs like that, and I think that now that ive had time to think about it and why i wanted to do it, it has alot to do with stuff i am stressed about deep down, maybe she wants things in the family to go different that arent or she misses someone, wants something to be a way it cant. or she wants to fit in and feels she doesnt. what i did was just go to youth group, try and spend time with friends who dont do those things, i have smoked pot before and i realize it only makes you more sad, sit down and talk to her about it, and ask her to be honest becasuse if she doesnt things can only get worse. maybe it has to do with her being upset about her parents. I know my dad has been in the hospital since i was about 7, and my mom hasnt been the mother ive hoped for. struggled with weight and tharts why i considered hard drugs, to lose it. but ive talked to people who help me understand WHY things are the way they are and only ii can make things be the way i want for myself. maybe she needs to be told that, that doing these things wont change whatever is bothering her, but being strong and doing good with her life can only help her in the future, if this doesnt help i am sorry. But I do understand where your daughter is coming from.

Answer by Jessica
Well yeah you are going to have to help her. I do not think that them giving her zofoft is going to help her considering she likes taking pills and stuff. You might want to consider talking to her about a nice rehab. You are going to have to look into a good one though. Take her to talk to a therapist at first she might not want to go or open up but eventually she will and they can give feedback to you and tell you ways to help your daughter. You need to watch her and friends. It is a teenage thing to do is go to parties and drink…Now days there is more things that can happen…Its not going to make things easier right off the bat. She is a teen. That is rebelious. You just got to be there for her and try to help her. Medicating her can work but i doubt that it will. Good luck!

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