Teenage Depression? Please Read?

Question by an error occurred: Teenage depression? please read?
I recently turned 13 and I believe I have depression. I’m not sure, though. But lately I’ve had many signs of depression. I’ll list a few, and maybe you could tell me what you think?

– An extreme desire to be secluded: I know it’s normal for a teenager to want to be kept in their room all day, but they would also want to hang out with friends and go to the mall sometimes right? Not me. If a friend invites me over (unless my mom makes me go) I’ll simply say I can’t come. If my mom asks if I want to go run errands or even go somewhere fun (clothes shopping, mall, (etc.)) I’ll say no. I have no desire to talk to anyone, not even friends or family.
-Trouble sleeping: It’s always taken me a long time to fall asleep (usually at least an hour or so) but lately it’s been taking me 2-3 hours of tossing and turning. Not to mention I’ll sleep in until 1 if I’m allowed.
-Lack of concentration: My grades have been slightly suffering due to this lately, especially in math. I’m learning lots of complicated equations and having lots of trouble remembering and executing the formulas. So, of course, I ask my mother for help (I’m home schooled.) She’ll explain the things as if they’re extremely easy but I just can’t comprehend it and this frustrates her.
-Little things make me mad/sad/annoyed: Something as simple as my 8 year old sister asking me a dumb question will make me want to scream.
-Abnormally low self esteem: This one speaks for itself.
-No drive to eat healthy/ weight gain: I’m not sure where I put it, but I somehow managed to gain 8 pounds in the las two months, but the scary thing is, I have no desire to lose them. All I want to do is eat unhealthy, it seems to comfort me.
-Test results: Before wrting this, I took a “do you have depression quiz” or whatever. It asked about 30 questions and seemed legitimate enough. Although it reminded me that these wouldn’t be as accurate as an actual evaluation, here is what it came up with:
Major depression: High-moderate
Dysthymia: Slight-moderate
Cyclothymia: Extremely high
Seasonal affective disorder: Extremely high
Bipolr disorder: Extremely high

So would you say I have depression? How can I fix it? (etc.)

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Your writing is very articulate. This shows good academic skills. Your low grades are most likely caused by your emotional state. Eventually, you will connect more with your learning.

It’s good to be able to talk to someone. Find someone you trust. A therapist or a friend. Sometimes people need to connect with someone outside of their immediate family. This will help you to reflect more objectively.

For mild depression, try St. John’s Wort, aavilable at health food stores. It works for me.

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