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Teen Depression & Suicide – ATTN: I do make these videos out of facts I find on the internet and out of my own reading, and experience. Do not message me “claiming” you made these videos. Please, it’s a waste of time. I think I would know if I made a video or not, and if I took a CLIP of a video, I give props to them. The video includes pictures and facts about depression and suicide. This is a topic very close to my heart. If you do comment, keep them respectful. Otherwise they will be removed and you will be BLOCKED. BECAUSE OF VERY IMMATURE AND DISRESPECTFUL ACTIVITY GOING ON IN COMMENTS, I WILL BLOCK COMMENTS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.


Area coalition forms to prevent suicide, aid healing

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Along with depression, warning signs include previous suicide attempts, access to ways of killing oneself such as pills or guns, and certain demographics such as gender, age, and ethnic group. Risk factors include mental illness, and drug and alcohol …
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Talking to your kids about depression and grief

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And today the paper showed even more good sense when it posted the video it recorded at last night's hour-long meeting at Hastings High School on "Talking to your kids about depression, suicide and grief." The paper is doing what journalism should …
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The Tritonian: Bullying Takes Toll on Victim

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She is no longer in depression and recovered from her self-harm and eating disorder after spending her summer in rehab. “High school gave me an opportunity to start fresh, and it has been going good,” she said. Suicide and depression aren't a joke. It …
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Saffron vs. Prozac for Depression

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Millions of Americans suffer from depression every year, a disabling disease that can end up fatal due to suicide. In my last Care2 feature, Treating PMS with Saffron, I detailed remarkable benefits of the spice saffron on the emotional and physical …
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