Teachers, Pupils Disagree About Who the Bullies Are, Study Says

Teachers, pupils disagree about who the bullies are, study says
Victimized children often blame themselves, experience social anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and have difficulty concentrating on their schoolwork, which lead to lower grades and poor performance on standardized tests. … promote peer acceptance … Read more on HealthCanal.com

Older Aussies with Mental Illness Experience Lack of Care – Study
“It's a dangerous misconception that people will automatically become depressed as they grow older. This assumption can prevent health and care workers from identifying older people who aren't coping well and are in need of additional support. Read more on Pro Bono Australia

Self-help and coping with depression
Interviews by Oxford University and checked by experts in the field for accuracy. Young people explain how they help themselves to overcome feelings of low m…