Targeting Inflammation to Treat Depression

Targeting inflammation to treat depression
Full story — — Researchers at Emory University have found that a medication that inhibits inflammation may offer new hope for people w…



Holiday season is chance to troubleshoot for aging relatives
“A primary care physician can definitely screen for depression and treat depression, and if it's more complicated, they'll refer them to a psychiatrist or something, or a counselor,” Furman said. • Sedentary living: Inquire about what they're doing for … Read more on The Courier-Journal

Probiotics a Potential Treatment for Mental Illness
Probiotics may offer an alternative treatment option for depression and other psychiatric disorders, new research suggests. Investigators reviewed studies that examined the effect of "psychobiotics," live organisms that when ingested may produce health … Read more on Medscape

The 'Easy' Cure for PTSD? The Cruelty of Shallow Religious Answers
… or live through a natural disaster — experience a range of symptoms: nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance, mistrust, anger, emotional numbing, depression, and, frequently, problems with substance abuse. In the wake of the recent devastating … Read more on Huffington Post