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Tapeworm Trailer – Ever considered eating a tapeworm to lose weight? www.thetapewormdiet.com http www.twitter.com thetapewormdiet.tumblr.com http Exec Producer: East 3rd Productions, Ricardo Riethmuller Producers: Margaret Laney, Lorraine Rodriguez, Tracy Podell, Tadd Ryan, Keith Overton Writer/Director: Margaret Laney Cinematographer: Adrian Correia Editor: Craig Dewey Original Score: Gil Talmi Starring: Madeleine Lodge, Tracy Podell, Gavin Starr Kendall, Devon Talbott, Malin Landaeus, Nova Landaeus


'Breaking Amish' Kate faces possible eating disorder

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In the newest episode of “Breaking Amish”, a TLC reality show that follows five young men and women as they leave their Amish community and set off to the wild life in New York City, addressed Kate's possible eating disorder. … To find out how Kate …
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Eating Disorders in Males

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Dr Weltzin is Medical Director of Eating Disorders Services at Rogers Memorial Hospital and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He reports no conflicts of interest concerning the subject matter of …
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