Talking About Your Chronic Pain

Talking About Your Chronic Pain
I say this upfront because my seemingly cavalier nature about telling people about my health started as a very personal choice I made at the beginning of my year of mystery diagnosis, in 2008. I began to see a therapist because I was feeling … Read more on Everyday Health

Depression alert in Asian COPD patients
By the end of 2008, 4109 patients overall had been newly diagnosed with depression. In multivariate analysis, those with COPD were 88% more likely to have depression, at a rate of 12.2 per 1000 person–years compared with 6.5 per 1000 person–years … Read more on

Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of Depression
Treatment Of Depression,depression symptoms,clinical depression,causes of depression,depression anxiety,depression anxiety medication,anxiety or depression,m…