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Delight in Disorder

Delight in Disorder
Some on my treatment team and in my faith community seemed to steer me toward such a "prophetic" outcome as if it were divine will. I was advised by ministry supervisors to label my diagnosis a form… Continue reading

Eating Disorder Expert Interviewed on Vancouver Talk Show

Eating Disorder Expert Interviewed on Vancouver Talk Show — Michelle Morand, MA, RCC, Specialist in recovery for Eating Disorders of all kinds, is interviewed by Veteran Talk Show Host Fanny Kiefer in Vancouver. The C…

UHC, HOPE raise awareness of… Continue reading

Has Anyone Who Has Had Binge Eating Disorder Gotten Help/therapy for It and Actually Gotten Better?

Question by brittc: Has anyone who has had binge eating disorder gotten help/therapy for it and actually gotten better?
i have had an eating disorder for as long as i can remember, and… Continue reading

What Is Inpatient Like for an Eating Disorder?

Question by Amanda B: What is inpatient like for an eating disorder?
I’m a college student who is struggling with anorexia. I have been in therapy, nutrition counseling etc. for a couple months now. I have been doing… Continue reading

Rehab Cant Catch Up Mpg

rehab cant catch up mpg



Addiction experts: Relapses always possible in recovery
… drug addicts, the period of highest risk is during the three to six months after detox or rehab, said Ardsley psychiatrist Dr. Adam Bisaga, a… Continue reading

Choosing Death Over Life

Choosing death over life
Sometimes, suicide may seem like an impulsive decision to an overwhelming crisis; at other times it may seem that it is a response to ongoing anguish and despair, when the individual loses the reason to live.… Continue reading

Tumor Necrosis Factor Neutralization Combined With Chemotherapy Enhances Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Clearance and Reduces Lung Pathology.

Tumor necrosis factor neutralization combined with chemotherapy enhances Mycobacterium tuberculosis clearance and reduces lung pathology.

Am J Clin Exp Immunol. 2013; 2(1): 124-34
Bourigault ML, Vacher R, Rose S, Olleros ML, Janssens JP, Quesniaux VF, Garcia I

Tuberculosis (TB)… Continue reading

Psychometric Properties of a Spanish-Language Version of the Short Inventory of Problems.

Psychometric Properties of a Spanish-Language Version of the Short Inventory of Problems.

Psychol Addict Behav. 2013 Jun 17;
Kiluk BD, Dreifuss JA, Weiss RD, Horigian VE, Carroll KM

Hispanic Americans are substantially underrepresented in clinical and research samples for… Continue reading

Eating Disorders: Why Are Girls More Affected?


Eating Disorders: Why Are Girls More Affected? – Dr. Douglas Bunnell, a clinical psychologist and vice-president of eating disorders treatment group the Renfrew Center Foundation, discusses the possible rea…


Joe Francis' girlfriend model Abbey Wilson opens up about… Continue reading

Greek Groove


Greek Groove – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Panhellenic Council is putting on a large-scale dance competition called Greek Groove on April 12, 2011 to …


L.A. Weekly's 'People 2013' List of Most Interesting Angelenos… Continue reading