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Where Are the Best Free Drug Clinics and Rehabilitation Centers in the Country.?

by Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center Question by shadow: where are the best free drug clinics and rehabilitation centers in the country.? my mate is on heroin and alcohol and recieving very bad help from a drugs centre in hull. can… Continue reading

'Tears of Color' Art Exhibit Shows Struggles of Israelis With Eating Disorders

...  struggling with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders. The center provides three levels of service. The highest level of … Read more on Sonoma State StarArt exhibit portrays pain of eating disorders Each image is accompanied by an… Continue reading

San Diego Padres – TeamReport

San Diego Padres – TeamReport It is the first time a major league pitcher has thrown two one-hit shutouts in a span of five starts since Toronto's Dave Stieb did it over the 1998-99 seasons. Over his last nine starts… Continue reading

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Orlando, FL | Treatment Center

...  Our alcohol and drug treatment center in Orl… Gov. Scott says Fla. should be nation's top state for cancer treatment Under a proposal Gov. Rick Scott hopes will reach his desk in the coming weeks, companies such as Fort… Continue reading

Pick Up Your Passport to the Museum Experience on April 26

...  Asian Desserts will be parked by Asia Society Texas Center; Soulcat Cuisine will be stationed near the at Museum of African American Culture Center; POCKet to Me and Detox will be at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum; and Moon… Continue reading

Stages of Addiction and Recovery

...  In this video we look at the stages of addiction and the stages of recovery. We also see how the stages of ad… In Globe's 'Water,' a battle to recover If the flip side to addiction is recovery, though,… Continue reading

Men Also Prone to Eating Disorders

...  also prone to eating disorders Although still largely considered a disorder among females, about 10 percent of those with eating disorders are men, said Linda Santangelo, a psychologist who runs Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital's eating disorders program. “You can't… Continue reading


by Julian Partridge Question by SD619: FREE ALCOHOL REHABS IN SAN DIEGO? Looking for a alcohol rehab or program for a friend, hes currently going through withdrawls and needs help A.S.A.P. No medical insurance. Best answer: Answer by David… Continue reading

Has Anyone Ever Heard of the Alcohol Treatment Program Called Crossroads in San Diego.?

by Jill Clardy Question by dawn N: Has anyone ever heard of the alcohol treatment program called Crossroads in San Diego.? If so can you please tell me a little about it. What were the results.. Is it a hard rehab? Best answer: Answer by RentI cannot give exact answer for your question, however I tried to help you finding the right website for you to get the correct info much faster. I just searched on internet and have found a good one that is a complete directory of top US Rehab Center. It has complete listing even for each top rehab centers in your area. You may try to visit the website right away >> Hope it helps…Unique VA rehab center opens More than four years in the making, including pushback from… Continue reading

Is Homosexuality a “Mental Disease”?

...  by Solvieg’s Girl: Is homosexuality a “mental disease”? Best answer: Answer by MRoseAbsolutely not! Answer by nikkimarie918My opinion is “no” The Only AMI Clinical Trials Using Ischemia-Tolerant Mysenchymal Stem Cells … SAN DIEGO — CardioCell LLC announces two new… Continue reading