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Sugar Free Diet? Are They Realistic Long Term, Permanently?

Question by Fruity: Sugar Free Diet? Are they realistic long term, permanently?
Cancer runs heavily on my moms side, and I know my diet is not the best. I don’t drink Sodas or eat Fast Food everyday but I know… Continue reading

What Worked Best for Long Term Drug Intervention for Teen With Pot?

Question by Tamiami01: what worked best for long term drug intervention for teen with pot?
And how to get him interested in any program or counseling

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Answer by skiv_77
Hi there, I haven’t been in that situation however… Continue reading

Ballpark Neighbors Against Homeless-Day-Center Proposal Take Their Protest to

Ballpark neighbors against homeless-day-center proposal take their protest to
We support directing our community's limited resources to address the root causes of homelessness through comprehensive strategies like long-term housing, treatment and job training. … Many are drug addicts. Quite… Continue reading

Long Term Drug Rehab Centers | Best Long Term Drug Rehab Centers

Long Term Drug Rehab Centers | Best Long Term Drug Rehab Centers — Kindle- http://amzn.to/1eC1lTP | Paperback- http://amzn.to/1gtvMgc Long Term Drug Rehab Centers for men offer a variety of treatment options. The right treat…

Tampa FL Christian Drug Rehab Announces… Continue reading

Techniques in Drug Rehabilitation?

Question by shybutdaring7: Techniques in drug rehabilitation?
I was wondering what type of techniques are associated with long term drug abuse during the course of rehabilitation. Any insight you can give me would be wonderful. Thanks.

Best… Continue reading

Why Do People Take Depression Medication?

Question by tfun: Why do people take depression medication?
I’m currently struggling with depression and I don’t know what to do.. I’ve never felt like this before in my life so it’s very scary to finally acknowledge that… Continue reading

How Common Is Depression in Adopted Children – as Adults?

Question by Suzanne: How common is depression in adopted children – as adults?
I have a couple friends who were adopted as children.

But one especially has dealt with depression for years. He seems to bounce from counselor… Continue reading

Doctors, Medical Staff on Drugs Put Patients at Risk

Doctors, medical staff on drugs put patients at risk
… more efficiently. And she doesn't remember how many patients she may have put at risk before getting into treatment. … A single addicted health care worker who resorts to "drug… Continue reading

CCH Investing in Community's Wellness

CCH investing in community's wellness
What emerged is the Columbus Wellness Center supporting medical rehabilitation, general fitness/wellness, and childcare. We feel it is crucial to address and act on the increasing incidences of lifestyle diseases to help our community's population… Continue reading

Interview With Long Term Drug Rehab Gatehouse Academy Graduate

Interview with Long Term Drug Rehab Gatehouse Academy Graduate — See the story of Todd, a graduate of Gatehouse Academy long term drug rehab center. http://www.gatehouseacademy.com.

In Indonesia's Drug Fight, a Battle to Acknowledge the Problem
“I used drugs for… Continue reading