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Sugar Free Diet? Are They Realistic Long Term, Permanently?

Question by Fruity: Sugar Free Diet? Are they realistic long term, permanently?
Cancer runs heavily on my moms side, and I know my diet is not the best. I don’t drink Sodas or eat Fast Food everyday but I know… Continue reading

What Would Be a Good Drug Treatment Program for a Teen?

Question by cynthia v: What would be a good drug treatment program for a teen?
I have a daughter who has gotten into bad company, and started using drugs. She ‘fessed up to me last… Continue reading

Texas Gets Bryant Jennings-Mike Perez, Daniel Geale-Matthew Macklin

Texas gets Bryant Jennings-Mike Perez, Daniel Geale-Matthew Macklin
Jennings-Perez will be supported by a middleweight bout between ex-beltholder Daniel Geale and former title challenger Matthew Macklin at American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, on HBO, Tom Loeffler of K2… Continue reading

Once-Conjoined Twins Leave Texas Hospital

Once-conjoined twins leave Texas hospital
The conjoined twins, separated last summer, were released from the hospital Wednesday and are expected to spend the next three to four weeks in a local inpatient rehabilitation center before being able to go home.… Continue reading

One Family’s Story: Long-Term Care at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center

One family’s story: Long-term care at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center — The story of one family’s experience with long-term care at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center. This video was originally shown at the EngAGEment Party on June 6, …

Carolinas HealthCare System names… Continue reading

What Are the Best Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers Around the Utica N.Y. Area?

Question by Mandy777: What are the best drug and alcohol inpatient rehabilitation centers around the Utica N.Y. area?

Best answer:

Answer by miracle g
umm go get help and go ask some one

Answer by Jen
I’ve heard Insight House… Continue reading

US Heroin Addicts Face Barriers to Treatment

US heroin addicts face barriers to treatment
In the course of Marchese's five-year battle with heroin, the Blackwood, New Jersey, man was repeatedly denied admission to treatment facilities, often because his insurance company wouldn't cover the cost. Then one night… Continue reading

Addiction Inpatient Rehabilitation: Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction Inpatient Rehabilitation: Addiction Rehabilitation — – CALL (888)-42HABIT (888-224-2248) Addiction Inpatient Rehabilitation Inpatient care, eve…

Members to tackle special ed funding
On the special town meeting warrant, Article 12 supplements this year's special education budget with $… Continue reading

I Have to Find Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Centereach, New York. How?

Question by ashlie dh: I have to find alcohol rehabilitation centers in Centereach, New York. How?
I would like to observe the patients because I’m going to make a script and I was planning on having an alcoholic character who… Continue reading

Are There Really More Teens in Drug Rehabs Than Adults?

Question by abbie t: Are there really more teens in drug rehabs than adults?
I know someone who has just gotten out of inpatient rehabilitation and he told me that there are a lot of other teens spending their time… Continue reading