Symptoms of Depression


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Drug that could reverse depression symptoms draws interest of NFL Alumni
The NFL Alumni Association announced today that it has invited thousands of former players to take part in a test for a powerful new drug which holds the promise of reversing major depression symptoms and even regenerating damaged parts of the brain. Read more on Hunterdon County Democrat –

Symptoms of Depression Increase Stroke Risk
The presence of depressive symptoms is a strong risk factor for stroke in men, but not in women, according to research published in the issue of the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry. Previous studies that have looked at the … Read more on Toronto NewsFIX

Quality of Life and Bipolar Disorder
Hypomanic symptoms are currently used to distinguish bipolar disorder from unipolar depression in the current DSM. However, much of the morbidity and mortality in bipolar disorder appears to be in the depressive phase, rather than the defining manic or … Read more on (blog)