Surviving Loss From a Suicide

Surviving loss from a suicide
Research shows that more than 90 percent of people who die by suicide have a diagnosable (but not always recognized or treated) illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, alcohol or substance abuse, or some combination. Lastly, I learned that … Read more on Troy Record

Help! My 15-Year-Old Daughter Has Started Having Sex.
She'll be online at to chat with readers each Monday at noon. Submit your … Now whenever that guy's name comes up, or he achieves more success, it sends my boyfriend into a downward spiral of depression. It breaks my heart to see … Read more on Slate Magazine

It's Time to Give Child Mental Health a HeadStart
Personally, I also help to care for my younger brother who has been diagnosed with autism. I love him to bits and for me, helping to look after him is just something that a big sister should do, but it isn't always easy. I've really struggled with … Read more on Huffington Post UK