Surprise: Mobile Devices Don't Help Office Ergonomics

Surprise: Mobile devices don't help office ergonomics
"For decades, ergonomics was billed as a way to get people to stay at their desks longer and more productively," notes Dr. James Levine, director of obesity solutions at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, N.Y. and Phoenix. … Specifically, he lists (in no … Read more on Computerworld

Shingles more common after age 50, but can affect younger people as well
Periods of high stress, depression and prolonged fatigue may weaken the immune system in otherwise healthy young adults and lead to shingles. Chronic illnesses such as chronic kidney or lung disease, cancer, … Certain medications — such as steroids … Read more on Chicago Tribune

Experts debate coverage of scans for Alzheimer's
"As a neurologist who sees patients, I certainly would like to have the information provided by amyloid PET scans," said Ronald Petersen, director of the Mayo Clinic's Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, in Rochester, Minn. PET scan. A PET scan of two … Read more on USA TODAY

Why breastfeeding is becoming unpopular, by mothers
Continuing, she said: “In the new staff clinic, there is a facility provided for our workers to come in and take a breastfeeding break. Because we want to discourage the travel-away exercise from the office space, each ministry according to the service … Read more on The Guardian Nigeria

Discussing the diagnosis of schizophrenia with teachers of patients
Manpreet Singh, MD,MS (Stanford University) Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Associate Director, Pediatric Bipolar Disor…