Support Groups

Support Groups
Alzheimer's Association caregiver support group, 9:30 a.m. second Wednesday, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, 1100 Stockton St. (904) 354-4666 or Alzheimer's patient help line, (800) 272-3900. ? Caregivers support group via teleconference, … Roads to … Read more on Florida Times-Union

Want your daughter to be well-adjusted? Hold your tongue, mom
And when mothers were hyper-involved and overly critical, daughters tended to have poorer social and relationship skills, which in turn led to higher levels of disordered eating attitudes like body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, unhealthy weight … Read more on Sowetan

I still berate myself every day that I let my daughter down. I will never
Any mother whose child has suffered from this insidious disease will empathise with that stab of guilt, the thought that they had carelessly allowed anorexia to slip into their home and take over their daughter. But my guilt was compounded because, of … Read more on Sowetan