Sunraysia Post Natal Depression Support Network

Sunraysia Post Natal Depression Support Network provides practical support to women during their recovery from PND.



My meds just stopped working!
Maybe you are on the road to being able to experience sadness and disappointment without going into lengthy depression. Talk with your prescribing physician about this, and if that person cannot give you any useful help, then find a therapist or … Read more on Salon

Fremont County Bulletin Board
6:30-8:30 p.m. DivorceCare and DivorceCare for Kids recovery seminar and support group meets at the Evangelical Free Church, 3000 E. Main St. Child care provided. For more information, call 275-0581 or 371-5438. 6:45-8 p.m. Live Long, Live Strong free … Read more on Canon City Daily Record

Fed up with trying to help depressed mate
I TRY to help my friend but he throws it back in my face every time. I worry my life won't go anywhere if I stay friends with him. I am 18, he's 17. He had a hard time at school with depression. I suffered too and we smoked weed, but I got myself off … Read more on The Sun