Suffer From an Eating Disorder? Don’t Have Any “money”? or Any Type of Insurance? Can’t Get Disability? What

Question by hylandsandra: Suffer from an eating disorder? Don’t have any “money”? or Any type of Insurance? Can’t get disability? What
should you do?? See I too suffer from one of the many different types of eating disorders and because I “don’t” have enough money to pay for these exspensive treatment centers for eating disorders I also “don’t” have…ANY…type of insurance, nor can apply for disability, and even if I could (in the mean time) while waiting what am I suppose to do? This is why I had an idea. And I want to get the publics opinion on ths issue.

What do you think of having an EATING DISORDERS UNIT…placed into a…..PUBLIC PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL….that is paid for by the “state” that you live in? In other words find a way so that…..ALL….state mental hospitals “all” over the continental United States has an eating disorders unit “in” it for those otherwise have …NO WHERE ELSE to go.?? If you could give me your opinion on this issue I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.

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Answer by Beth
Great idea because it is a mental illness to begin with.

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Updates: Hospital, eating disorder TX, etc – What happened after my last entry… a brief stay in hospital, the return of ED, and looking at American treatment centers.


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