Stop Binge Eating by Having a List of Alternate Activities


Stop Binge Eating by Having a List of Alternate Activities – Visit for FREE video course on how to stop binge eating and start losing weight. On the site you’ll find a box asking for your name and email address, once you submit them, you’ll get my complete free video course in your email. The more you become aware of your eating habits and why you eat, you’ll start noticing something very interesting. You’ll see that often you eat out of boredom, to deal with tough emotions or for reasons other than real physical hunger. To stop binge eating you need to deal with that. It’s an important step in your binge eating treatment and here is how to deal with it. Make a list of activities or things to do instead of overeating. This can include any activities that make it inconvenient or almost impossible for you to do while eating. Some examples is taking a walk, going out for a drive, taking a shower or going to the library. Make your own list and keep it in several convenient places. That way when you catch yourself about to engage in overeating you can look at your list and do an alternate activity. I hope this exercise helps you stop binge eating and make a lot of progress in your binge eating treatment.


What to do if You Suspect a Friend or Family Member has an Eating Disorder

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Without the proper treatment an eating disorder could be fatal. It is important to know … Binge eating: you may notice the disappearance of food, finding wrappers or containers indicating that large amounts of food have been consumed 2. Purging …
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