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Kava Plant May Treat Anxiety
An extract from the kava plant can treat people with chronic anxiety, an study from Australia finds. Patients with generalized anxiety disorder who took kava extract tablets for six weeks showed a significant reduction in their symptoms, compared with … Read more on

Early intervention key to success with mental illness
Up to 80-85 per cent who get intense early treatment tend get better and go back to their families, school or work — “things that matter,” said Malla, a McGill University professor of psychiatry who holds the Canada research chair in early psychosis … Read more on Montreal Gazette

Arts Therapy Has Benefits in Cancer
The analysis showed moderate-to-large improvements in pain and quality-of-life scores, and the effect on pain increased with follow-up. Creative arts therapy had modest effects on anxiety and depression, according to Matthew Herring, PhD, of the … Read more on MedPage Today