Stevenson Grad on Mission to Help Others Overcome Eating Disorders

Stevenson grad on mission to help others overcome eating disorders
Now exemplifying healthy nutrition, Silberman came home last week after a four-and-a-half month, nationwide tour of speaking and singing engagements at fundraising events for the National Eating Disorders Association. Her rise from a mind-set of chaos … Read more on Lake County News Sun

Girls With Anorexia Show Characteristics Of Autism, Study Finds
Cohen noted that autism and anorexia share certain features, such as rigid attitudes and behaviours, a tendency to be very self-focused, and a fascination with detail. Both disorders also share similar differences in the structure and function of brain … Read more on Huffington Post

New Buffalo-area support group aims to help those dealing with eating disorders
The group was started last summer in grassroots fashion, by some local women affected by eating disorders who wanted a forum in which to meet, share thoughts and feelings, and support one another. (The group is open to male members; as yet there are … Read more on Buffalo News