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Why Obama Can't Bring Back The Economic Boom Of The 1990s

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It peaked toward the end of his tenure at 64.6 percent—the highest quarterly reading since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began recording this ratio in 1948. Baby boomers are now retiring after weathering an annihilative financial crisis. The …
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Antidepressants – nation's top prescription

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It's up for debate whether Americans are more depressed than they were 20 years ago, but according to the National Center for Health Statistics, we're certainly taking more antidepressant medications. Researchers compared data from 1988-94 with data …
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Neoliberal plague: AIDS and global capitalism

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In fact, statistics show that most of them are highly knowledgeable about it and often know more than their Western counterparts. The problem is that this knowledge doesn't translate into behaviour change. A recent … These are zones of hyper …


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