Staten Island New Business in Focus: C&K Dental Boutique

Staten Island new business in focus: C&K Dental Boutique
We wanted to have a practice where we could treat patients the way we would expect to be treated ourselves, not as a number or just another 'mouth,'" Dr. Cicero said. "Going to the dentist causes much anxiety for most people. We give our patients a … Read more on

'Travel phobia' mum looks for High Court damages over accident
The report outlined that Ms Hayes had “a travel phobia and avoids long journeys” by car, Ms O'Driscoll said. She suffered from disturbed sleep and panic attacks and was likely to remain apprehensive of car travel post treatment in the opinion of Dr Walshe. Read more on Limerick Leader

Why we need Big Therapy
As well they should: For patients with the most common conditions, like depression and anxiety, empirically supported psychotherapies – that is, those shown to be safe and effective in randomized controlled trials – are indeed the best treatments of … Read more on News & Observer