Stanton Couple Shares Unique Love Story

Stanton couple shares unique love story
Eventually, Cliff wound up in a Detroit rehab center, where he spent a year learning to exist in his new reality. As it turned out, in addition to the spinal … It could be stressful, she admits, and took an emotional toll. “I suddenly found myself … Read more on Greenville Daily News

Awaken Higher Brain Living opens center in Hudson
Lawton-Shirley was so inspired she became a facilitator for the new modality Higher Brain Living before she finished the 20 weeks of treatment that make up the program. In July 2013 her enthusiasm translated a new … A session using a gentle touch … Read more on Hudson Star Observer

Pet therapy dogs make the rounds at local hospitals
St. Alexius Medical Center also offers pet therapy, most typically on Monday evenings. Shaner looks forward to Buddy's visits. “It's such a treat, … At Sanford, the dogs visit oncology, psychiatry, rehabilitation and pediatrics floors each Tuesday … Read more on Bismarck Tribune