Stand-Up and Sceam Fat America Part 3


Stand-Up and Sceam Fat America Part 3 – Nutritionist and dietitian Jill Place talks about her success treating eating disorders and childhood obesity.


County's largest health-care facility working on new elderly acute care unit
It was then that he realized the elderly need to be treated in a different manner that other patients. … So when the nurses say drinking fluids and eating are required to check out, the patient eats, drinks or walks around when asked. … nuclear … Read more on Fort Bend Herald

What Sexual Addiction is NOT…
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Jyoti Amge And Brahim Takioullah Team Up To Set Amazing Feet Record
He was born in Morocco before moving to Paris, where he was treated for acromegaly, a rare pituitary disorder. Takioullah wears a European size-58 shoe, and … Largest Rabbit. Ralph weighs a hopping 55 pounds, and eats about $ 90 worth of food a week! Read more on Huffington Post (satire)

Asthma drug boosts cognition in Down syndrome mice
Stanford researchers have discovered that a drug approved for asthma helped improve cognitive function in mice with Down syndrome, a finding they hope could lead to additional treatments for people with this genetic disorder. The drug, called … Read more on San Francisco Chronicle