SSRI May Prevent Depression in Patients With Certain Cancers

SSRI May Prevent Depression In Patients With Certain Cancers
For what appears to be the first time, researchers have shown that a medication can prevent depression in patients being treated for a particular type of cancer. The trial was headed by William Lydiatt, M.D., of the Department of Otolaryngology–Head … Read more on Psychiatric News

Directors Of New Doc On Medication Nation
Directors Of New Doc On Medication Nation. 'Off Label' examines the medicated margins of American society through the stories of eight lives haunted by the commercialization of medicine and personal identity. Opening theatrically in NYC in early August … Read more on Huffington Post

Depression treatment helps patients with arthritis
Optimizing treatment for depression in patients who also have arthritis reduces their pain and improves their quality of life. Depression and arthritis are both common in older people and so they often occur together. Depression is known to make … Read more on Telemanagement