SPLITTING & BPD Made Me Quit See a Psychotherapy


SPLITTING & BPD made me quit see a psychotherapy – i talk about how splitting effects my relationship with my family, friends, and lovers all the time. in this video i talk about how my splitting affects the …


THV EXTRA: The Price of Privilege
"We see it especially in anorexia and eating disorders," Clark said. "A child doesn't look how they want to look and mom and dad can't snap their fingers and make it happen." Levine notes in her book that there are two main indicators that could lead … Read more on THV 11

Rethinking treatment goals improves results for 'untreatable' anorexics
By focusing treatment on quality of life, researchers found that 85 per cent of participants with severe and enduring anorexia nervosa (SE-AN) completed their course of treatment – almost three times the usual retention rate. These findings are the … Read more on Medical Xpress

I'm beautiful: a Chicago Public Schools student overcomes anorexia
Being strong is being able to get out of your eating disorder and become healthy, even when the voice in your head won't let you. Ignoring this voice is being the strongest. My mom told me, “You are beautiful. And nobody has the right to make you feel … Read more on ChicagoNow (blog)