Songs About Pretending to Be Happy/songs About Depression?

Question by Ellen: Songs about pretending to be happy/songs about depression?
Like you pretend that your happy when your are around people. But you are actually realy sad ect.

also songs about depression, or helping a friend with depression.

Best answer:

Answer by Michael H
Elliot smith has some great songs. There are so many and I’m not good with names of songs, but try “Miss Misery” first, I think it’s what your looking for, and if you like it just look up more of his songs.

Oh another one, not too sure about, but “Pain” by Jimmy eat world, not really my style, but I seem to remember it saying something about smiling and pretending to be happy, but it shows anyway, you might want to check that out, idk.

Answer by IDK
If you haven’t checked out Blue October, they have a lot of songs dealing with depression. I’d start out with the “Consent TO Treatment” cd and see what you think.

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