Social Media Craze Strong Is the New Skinny May Stop Getting Pinned, Tweeted

Social media craze Strong is the New Skinny may stop getting pinned, tweeted
But instead, researchers and eating disorder patients like Waggoner believe those external qualities could only cause more damage to self-image. Because of her long battle, Waggoner said her body has been overcome by chronic kidney disease, advanced … Read more on WCPO

'5 Ways To Fake A Thigh Gap' Perfectly Articulates Why This 'Ideal' Is Absurd
Protective factors for eating disorders in female college athletes. Eat Disorders 1999; 7: 207-218. Source: Sungot-Borgen, J. Torstveit, M.K. (2004) Prevalence of ED in Elite Athletes is Higher than in the General Population. Clinical Journal of Sport … Read more on Huffington Post

FDA warns exceeding laxative dose may be deadly for some
Causes include insufficient water intake, not enough fiber in diets, a disruption of regular routine (such as traveling), stress, eating large amounts of dairy products, hemorrhoids, medications, pregnancy, depression, eating disorders and other … Read more on CBS News