Social Issues: Part One: Violence

Social issues: Part One: violence
Researchers have looked at brain scan images of kids who observe media violence. They are similar to someone who is intoxicated. … Media violence makes violent brains: violent TV, movie, and video game exposure had an effect on normal kids that made … Read more on Emery County Progress

Experts urge caution over self-harm blogs
To others, they can be disturbing: sites dedicated solely to cutting, suicide or eating disorders, replete with stomach-turning details, high-contrast photos and song lyrics from depressive teen bands. While self-harm content has been banned on Tumblr … Read more on Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

The Silent Problem: Boys and Men with Eating Disorders
While the stigma and stereotype dictates that eating disorders are problems only women and a few men face, it is now estimated that 10 million American men have had some kind of eating disorder at some point in their lives. The stats are also showing … Read more on