So, One Day I Am Going to Have to Get Help and Begin Attending AA Meetings?

Question by Lucy in the Sky: So, one day I am going to have to get help and begin attending AA meetings?
Unless I have the strength to escape this disease on my own,
but I was curious if there are any programs dedicated to recovering alcoholics for atheists? I know there has to be, but how common are they? have people known to find them effective?
I don’t believe in any higher power… So I guess I can’t be apart of the group huh!? damnnn
ok must i also clarify that i don’t believe in demons either? that’s not what the question was about, but your assumptions are humorous.
& Also, I will absolutely be drinking it down during the holidays because how the hell else will i deal with my family!

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Answer by jannsody
I think that there is a 12-step program for those with no religious affiliation. Actually a person can be a part of AA and think of a higher power in any way, shape or form. I’ll look up that other 12-step program.

No, that is absolutely not the case! But here is a website that I found though don’t know anything about the organization. Not all cities have these meetings too — Secular Organizations for Sobriety: and I think that this expands on the organization or such: (I’d looked at albeit not a research site and found SOS, just fyi 🙂

You may really want to look into something in addition to support groups since it seems as though environmental stressors such as family alone can be a trigger for you to ‘pick up’ again. There are inpatient rehabs, outpatient rehabs, detox facilities for those that experience withdrawal when not drinking. If the person doesn’t have health insurance, some programs have funding available. It may really be worth your while as addiction is a disease and it only gets worse and worse if left untreated. Please do consider looking into treatment for addictions as well as the support groups. Wishing you much recovery and success in your sobriety!

Answer by Bill S
What if your compulsion for ‘demon rum’ IS actually the force needed to get you to reconsider all of your ideas about God, Higher Power, lower powers and your raison d’ tre for even being alive?

And, FYI. the rational recovery and sos programs and the behavioral modification programs are ineffective, for most people in the throes of alcoholism. Since man found some fermented berries, in a natural bowl (in a rock) and out of curiosity — lapped it up — there has been a small percentage that ‘go nuts’ for the stuff. And across all cultures and all of history: those poor people perished of horrifying deaths. Once in a great while, a man would have a ‘religious conversion’ experience and be released; but, he was the exception to the rule.

Up until the time that a brilliant man, a stock broker: was approached by a member of a “total honesty, humility” cult and got sober. The cult did not make it, but this guy figured out how to make his healing movement work, self govern and thrive. One of the most brilliant things he came up with was: God, as you understand Him. Thereby opening the door to agnostics and atheists and those who had faith and had lost it.

He made things as palatable as he possibly could with the idea that “the group” (read, those who are actually not drinking) can be one’s higher power.

I would suggest that you check it out for the next 90 days and not let your drinking sickness progress any farther over the holidays.

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