Snow’s for Eating


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There's no point in online feminism if it's an exclusive, Mean Girls club
Not to mention mental health issues such as eating disorders, bipolar, anxiety or depression. It's not good times. “Checking your privilege” is about playing an inverted game of Top Trumps where the real message is that it's not who you are but how you … Read more on New Statesman

Fashion show promotes National Eating Disorder Awareness week
Cynthia Vazquez poses during the last runway run during the "Own It! Embrace Your Beauty" fashion show on Thursday night in the Duke Ellington Ballroom. This fashion show aimed to increase awareness of eating disorders and dispel myths about eating … Read more on Northern Star Online

A bugophobe's guide to beekeeping
I once slept on my couch because I couldn't bring myself to address the issue of the tiny spider crawling across my bedroom ceiling one night back in my 20s. I'm not unsympathetic to insects, spiders, and all their many-legged, stinging, buzzing … Read more on Mother Nature Network