Smoking Ranks as the Number One Cause of COPD

Smoking ranks as the number one cause of COPD
“The number one cause of COPD is tobacco smoke,” according to IU Goshen Health Pulmonary Rehab Coordinator Tim Near. There are other causes, including … “With conditioning and strengthening you're looking at the holistic approach of treatment. In … Read more on Goshen News

Northwestern Integrative Medicine Seeks to Heal the Whole Patient
All play a role in integrative medicine, a holistic approach to treating a patient's mind, body and spirit using science-based conventional medicine and broader complementary means. Northwestern Integrative Medicine has offered this whole patient … Read more on

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Regular drop-in services include private consultation with a nurse, health educator, support group and information sessions, case management assistance and referrals for holistic services. Call Kerri Connelly at 978-283-0101 or Sunny Robinson at … Read more on Gloucester Daily Times