Sleeping Over 10 Hours a Night and Still Sleepy?

Question by Ashlie C: Sleeping over 10 hours a night and still sleepy?
I usually sleep over 12 hours usually 3pm to 6 am a day and I’m still extremely sleepy the next day. I can’t keep doing this I’m a high school student taking 3 Advanced courses I need to study and not be sleepy all the time. I’m not over working I’m completely fine. However, I can’t really handle any form of stress. What do y’all think is causing it? Is there at way to fix it fast, its affect my school work?

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Answer by mxkmtt
I do the same thing. 🙁
I come home at like 3, then I go to sleep and wake up at like 12,
then I have to do homework. Ew.
Lol, you sleep ALL the way until the nest day? Damn.
My, mum says it has to do with being a teenager and needing more sleep. Blah blah.
But… You should work on your sleeping habits for sure.
As for the school work, well it looks like your going to have to start doing things at lunch! Haha
Well…thats what I do anyway. I’m a terrible procrastinator, Dont listen to me!
Cheers mate! And good luck!

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