Eating disorder clinic may move from Waltham to Framingham
An eating disorder treatment center may open at the site of a former Catholic retreat center in Framingham, if the town's zoning board gives its approval. In a press release, Walden Behavioral Care, a limited liability, for-profit company, announced it … Read more on

Insurance must cover eating disorders under House bill
Coleman said he believed repeated, often heart-breaking testimony by parents and children who suffer from eating disorders eroded opposition to the bill. Insurance companies and business organizations have argued that the mandated coverage would … Read more on Austin American-Statesman

What If You Couldn't Taste or Smell Anything?
Eating is obviously essential for our survival, and without taste and smell, eating loses nearly all of its pleasure and becomes solely about masticating and swallowing. It is estimated that one in 20 people worldwide struggle with some sort of … Read more on