Silver Surfers: Internet Knowledge Can Help Seniors Battle Depression

Silver Surfers: Internet knowledge can help seniors battle depression
As the busy fall season kicks into high gear for families, older loved ones can feel cast aside, isolated and alone. Grandkids are busy with classes and activities, while parents balance work and family life. So in all the hustle and bustle, who's … Read more on West Point Tidewater Review

Paranormal experts can help you give up the ghost
Sauter adds that, according to shamanism, depression is caused by the parasitic "spirit attachment." "Spirit attachment comes first and then it attracts negative energy," she says. "It's almost like the snowball effect." If you burned the white sage … Read more on USA TODAY

Writing Love Around the World
‘Stop the bleeding” are the words in blue on Katherine Hollien’s black T-shirt. Katherine, 14, has no scars on her arms, but the words on her shirt represent…