Show 156: Female Drug Users & Landmine Victims


Show 156: Female Drug Users & Landmine Victims – Recently, Equity Weekly investigated the status and practices of the country’s drug rehabilitation centers. Noticing that only men are allowed as patients, Equity Weekly now asks: Where do female drug addicts go for help? Female Drug Users (Main Story) Drugs have the same destructive impact on both men and women, but there is no government-run drug rehabilitation center designed for women. Private clinics that help women are very expensive. Where can poor female drug addicts go to get treatment? Landmine Victims (Feature) The war has ended but still there are dozens of new victims of landmines and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) in Cambodia every year, many of them children. Our youth reporter profiles some of the young victims, and looks at the progress made in making Cambodia, one day, completely landmine free. POLITICS AND SOCIETY This week we’ll bring you a report from the Demand for Good Governance project with interviews with HE Sar Kheng and The Asia Foundation. TEASER Normally, flash floods last a few days. Why does the flooding in Boeung Kak area stay for weeks? Is this because of the rainwater or due to pumping sand to fill Boeung Kak Lake for urban development?


criminals being sent back to alien society

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At 13, the teenager was roaming the streets, mixing with bad company and sliding into drug and alcohol abuse. Over the next few years he was convicted of a series of increasingly serious crimes. Finally Australia lost patience and ordered his …
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Howard Rahtz Releases New Book, Drugs, Crime and Violence: From

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“Moving marijuana to a legal status takes 30-40% of the drug market and transitions them to the legitimate economy.” Rahtz goes on to explain how a tax policy that earmarks a portion of these funds for addiction treatment programs will further …
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Stage all set to help ex-addicts

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TWO men who became friends during their time in a rehab centre have set up a theatre group to encourage other recovering addicts to use the stage to help the community 'see the people, not just the addiction'. Comments; Email; Print. To send a link to …
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