Should I Tell My Mom About My Eating Disorder? Read the Question Please?

Question by JulesM: Should I tell my mom about my eating disorder? Read the question please?
I have had an eating disorder for over 5 years. Last year, I told my mom and we went to the doctor and I was diagnosed anorexic (but I have always had bulimic tendencies) and had “treatment” and gained huge amounts of weight so I’m covered in fat now. Anyway, I still fast or restrict sometimes, but I am actually bulimic now (haven’t been diagnosed with BN though). I binge and purge on average 4 times a week. Obviously I know the health complications- teared esophagus, ruptured stomach, teeth damage, death etc.. It is not that simple so don’t say anything stupid like “Just stop. Don’t you know it’s so bad for you?” Because yes, I do know, and no, I can’t stop. Why do you think so many people die from eating disorders? It’s not as easy as just stopping the behaviors.

I haven’t talked to my mom about my ED for almost a year. She just doesn’t like thinking about it so kind of ignores it. My question is, should I talk to her about it? I’m going away to college next month and so obviously she can’t do anything about it and she might feel really out of control when I go away. I think she thinks I’m all better now and I’m worried about myself. I don’t still see a doctor now. So If I don’t say anything to my mom (the only person who knows other than doctors) I’m worried that I might die within the next few years or that there might be irreversible damage soon. If I DO tell her, there is not enough time to get treatment before college, I am going a long way from home, and I’m worried that she’ll be stressed out for the whole time I’m away at college. There are eating disorder specialists I can see when I go away. I shouldn’t tell her right?

What do you think? Should I tell her? You can give yes or no answers or long answers if you want to. Thank you.
Thank you so much everyone. I was expecting all the answers to be no I shouldn’t tell her and it’s selfish that I’m considering telling her.

Thanks to everyone, I will tell her.
🙂 – I hope you can recover too x

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Answer by Ndella
Tell her before you go to college. Shell probably stop you from going to college because you will be independant then but she is your mum, you have to tell her these type of stuff or you will face death. If that doesnt work, go to the doctor and ask the what you should do or just try to quit gradually.

Hope this helps.

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