Should I Stop Talking About Bipolar Disorder?

Should I Stop Talking About Bipolar Disorder?
I can take thirty different medications in my lifetime. I can spend tens of thousands of dollars on therapy, exercise and eat right, and immerse myself in education. I will still be susceptible to to mood swings, including severe depression and mania. Read more on (blog)

The best care for seniors
Causes of depression include lonliness, bereavement (eg death of a spouse), feeling neglected, lack of commitment to society or feelings of worthlessness, family abuse, lack of mobility, fear of death or illness, chronic pain/illness and certain drugs … Read more on Wonder Woman

Weight Loss Surgery
Dr. Bernard J. Bendetto and Dr. Jaime Rivera The NSMC Surgical Weight Loss Program is accredited as a Level 1A Bariatric Surgery Center by the Bariatric Surg…