Should I Listen to My Friends and Get Help?

Question by Aurelia666: Should I listen to my friends and get Help?
I just got back from a trip to Ashland, Oregon with my friends. I have an “eating disorder” which I was diagnosed with in 7th grade, I am a self-mutilator. I finally quit smoking and doing drugs, but I’m still addicted to losing weight and some habits i’ve had. While we were there in Ashland, I left after every meal to purge in the bathroom. I came back and later at night, my friends confronted me with their desire for me to stop and get help. I’m maybe at 100lbs and 5’2 and 15 years old. With my friends really pushing me to get help, …it’s making me kind of think that I made a mistake in stopping my therapy and that I wasn’t ready to cope by myself.

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Answer by dragonfly_3
It sounds like you are mature and know what to do even in spite of having “issues”. Go get the therapy, you are getting better you just need a little boost to help you keep going.

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