Should Churches/religious Organizations Be Allowed to Form/operate Organizations…? …That Conceal Their Rel?

Question by ?: Should Churches/religious organizations be allowed to form/operate organizations…? …that conceal their rel?
…that conceal their religious affiliations or the religious basis for their methods or goals?

For instance, should a church be allowed to start a rehab facility for problem teens without disclosing to parents that the program being offered is based on the religious teachings of that church? Should a church be permitted to operate a soup kitchen/drop-in centre that actively conceals the church’s role in funding it?

If there is no legal restrictions, do you think the church should have any ethical misgivings about such an arrangement?

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Scooterpoop, liberal steamroller
If my church were “affiliated” with the Church of Absolute Satan, I wouldn’t give a hoot.

It says nothing about me if it’s concealed and no one knows.

(In a strictly legal sense, “affiliation” means that an entity shares significant ownership. I’m making fun of you because this kind of affiliation is impossible to conceal. Since you think it can be hidden, obviously you think made up affiliations are real.)

Answer by Courtney
The city would not grant them a license to practice without revealing everything about themselves to the public.


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