She Told Me She Loves Me?!?

Question by Kenner Gilbert: She told me she loves me?!?
So my ex has a history of depression among other things, but I had to break up with her for spiritual reasons, but she just got out of her, I guess you could say “rehab” for eating disorders today, and she told me she thinks she loves me and I don’t know what to do…. (im a christian and yes I’m a girl)

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Answer by Brian
Seems you have a couple options. You can decide your Christianity is less important than this girls feelings, give up on God, be an atheist and go to hell. You can avoid her. You can tell her that you love someone else. You can tell her that being gay is wrong and she’s going to hell. Do any of these options sound good?

How about this. You can do a little research on the causes of depression. Homosexuals are depressed far more than average, and you can see if you can identify the source of her issues. You can look at the divorce rate of homosexuals. When you understand it better, you can engage her in her lifestyle choices and try to help her see why she’s depressed and why her love pointing mechanism isn’t working properly. This will probably take years, and you may not find the solution yourself. It isn’t exactly an easy topic to study.

If you don’t like that, you can just tell her that you need some space, that you’re just getting your life together and that you can only be friends with her. You can learn for yourself what love is and see if you can learn it well enough to teach it to others. There’s love and then there’s tainted affections. Love thinks of the other people’s good before their own. Affections come and go, and you can have them for anyone. Marriage should be based on both others-centered love and romantic affection. The romance comes and goes, but the love will remain forever.

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