Sexual Dysfunction: Penile Rehabilitation With Sildenafil: Nightly or on Demand?

Sexual dysfunction: Penile rehabilitation with sildenafil: nightly or on demand?

Nat Rev Urol. 2013 Jun 11;

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[The results of patients questioning regarding dental implantation procedures.]

Stomatologiia (Mosk). 2013; 92(3): 112-113
Lepilin AV, Smirnov DA, Mostovaia OS, Zhilkina OV

Dental implantation is a widespread method of oral rehabilitation by teeth loss. The purpose of the study was to evaluate patients need and awareness of dental implantation. 486 respondents were included in survey. The low level of knowledge about dental implantation was identified among patients in Saratov. HubMed – rehab


[Dental implantation options and estimation of osseous integration in patients with complete teeth loss.]

Stomatologiia (Mosk). 2013; 92(3): 100-104
Nikol’ski? VI, Razumny? VA

In 48 patients with full teeth loss 272 implants were placed with subsequent oral rehabilitation by fixed and removable dental restorations. Clinical efficiency rates after 5 years of follow-up were 99.6% for implants and 98.2% for restorations. High osseointegration values were obtained with mean “Periotest” value to be 3.6 and bone level loss of 0.7 mm. Best osseointegration features were revealed in cases of fixed restorations retained by 8 and more implants. HubMed – rehab


[Alveolar bone and dental arch defects fulfillment in cleft lip and palate patients.]

Stomatologiia (Mosk). 2013; 92(3): 80-83
Kulakov OB, Mal’ginov NN, Pershina MA, Subbotin IA

Nine cleft lip and palate patients aged 17-32 years were included in the study, all having significant maxilla alveolar bone defects. Oral rehabilitation was possible by means of bone augmentation with iliac crest graft, soft tissue plasty and subsequent dental implantation (3 to 6 months after first-step procedures). HubMed – rehab


[Compressive-distractive method for complex lower and upper jaw defects restoration in preparative procedures before implant placement.]

Stomatologiia (Mosk). 2013; 92(3): 48-51
Drobyshev AI, Kiselev AA, Melikov EA, Snegirev SA

Distraction method in reconstructive maxillofacial surgery allows achieving optimal aesthetic and functional results. The study included 198 patients with various alveolar bone defects and 224 dental implants placed after successful alveolar bone distraction. Complex oral rehabilitation was possible after 4 month retention period. HubMed – rehab