Sense and Sinsemilla on CNN

Sense and Sinsemilla on CNN
GUPTA: Preliminary research shows that early-onset smokers are slower at tasks, have lower IQ's later in life, higher risk of strokes, and increased incidence of psychotic disorders. And while these studies are not conclusive, some scientists are still … Read more on CounterPunch

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Major clinical programs at McLean Hospital address a broad range of psychiatric illnesses, including: depression, bipolar and psychotic disorders; mood and anxiety disorders; alcohol and drug abuse; dissociative disorders; Alzheimer's disease and other … Read more on

Mandatory minimums keep many nonviolent people behind bars
Tyler-Stoafer said she and her brother grew up in a chaotic family, and her brother had mental health issues, such as depression, before he became involved in drugs. The LSD, she said, aggravated his mental health problems, and he has had psychotic … Read more on

The “Great (Psychotic) Depression” Pt. 2