Sen. Paul Visits Corbin

Sen. Paul visits Corbin
“Idleness leads to drug addiction, and drug addiction leads to idleness. I find rehabilitation comes from working. I saw that at the SEKRI plant today. … One big problem with drugs — I think too many people sit at home and not working, and receive a … Read more on Times Tribune of Corbin

Employment Drug Screening Gaining Importance in 2013 Due to Rising Drug
Not measured is the impact upon the moral within the workforce as well as the need to alter schedules to accommodate for Substance Abuse Programs and rehabilitation. From these statistics employers have a reasonable fear of placing drug abusers on … Read more on Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)

Policy development of the Montana Workforce Drug and Alcohol Act
… drug and alcohol testing, name a policy coordinator responsible for program, set a standard of conduct, discuss rehabilitation, the sanctions for violating the standards of conduct, list the types of testing the employer will conduct, list by job … Read more on The Missoulian