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Self Help for Depression – Tips to Overcome Depression from DepressionHero – Are you looking for self help for depression solutions and tips to overcome depression? If you are, then it’s essential to begin building self confidence and to become aware of when you put yourself down for not doing things right. I used to be depressed and I had a lot of negative thoughts about myself. I lost confidence in myself because I thought I was a total loser. I couldn’t get a date with a girl. I felt like I couldn’t get anything done right at work, etc. I didn’t realize it at the time, but these were self destructive thoughts that only made the depression worse. They made me lose confidence in myself and my abilities, and they became a habit. If you want to find a natural depression cure, one of the things you can do is to build confidence in yourself. What I learned was that confidence comes with competence. The more capable you are at doing something, the more confidence you gain. When I was learning how to body surf here at the beach in Mexico, the waves toppled me over many times before I finally was able to ride the waves. We have to be willing to practice and experience falling down before we get things right. It’s how we gain competence and confidence in our selves. I offer you a simple 4 step formula that worked for me and that you can use right NOW to cope with depression. Please LIKE and SHARE this video if you enjoyed or got some benefit from it Go to to get more self help for depression videos and learn


Health beat: Online help for mental health

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The Help and Healing toolkit for depression ( was introduced this week by MN Community Measurement and the Minnesota Health Action Group. "This day and age, people can go out and search for lots of stuff to help them," said …
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Gospel Artist Confesses Struggles with Depression

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Williams said she is now recovering from her depressed state thanks to exercise, therapy and positive thinking. She urged those experiencing a similar state not to shy away from counseling and medical help. William shared, "I believe God-gifted people, …
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More Alberta students seek help for mental health issues

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"I lost 30 pounds within two months…couldn't sleep, couldn't eat." More students are looking for help for problems such as anxiety, depression and addictions, and severe psychiatric disorders account for 5.6 times more the appointments than they did …


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