SELF HARM – DEPRESSION – SUICIDE. – A video for the broken, the lost and the lonely. WARNING: MAY TRIGGER. My hope is that viewers of this slideshow will be able to relate to most, if not all, …


If depression, pain treated, assisted suicide less likely
I read the Feb. 12 editorial, “Begin debate on life, death,” which calls for having a discussion about the important issue of assisted suicide. Discussion is needed, as long as both sides are heard fairly and equally. So often, a prognosis of six … Read more on Asbury Park Press

Preventing suicide in under 30s 'has to be' priority
"I feel it's quite surprising that the awareness of it hasn't been brought to people's attention more by the Government," she said. "I've never seen an ad campaign even for awareness of depression or suicide or anything like that. Maybe if that was the … Read more on Radio 1

Suicide risk high in rural areas
The combination of many stressors, lack of a close confidant and untreated clinical depression is relatively common in farmers and essentially a prescription for suicide, the research shows. There was also some research done on serotonin levels in the … Read more on Capital Press