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See nOw!!! — inpatient treatment depression – visit inpatient treatment depression — “Ex-Chronic Sufferer Reveals How To Conquer Stress, Depression And Anxiety, Quickly, Natur…


The INDDEP study: Inpatient and day hospital treatment for depression
Depression can be treated in an outpatient, inpatient or day hospital setting. In the German health care system, episodes of inpatient or day hospital treatment are common, but there is a lack of studies evaluating effectiveness in routine care and … Read more on 7thSpace Interactive (press release)

Ketamine may help treat severe depression, reduce suicidal urges, UAB
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) researchers think ketamine, an anesthesia medication in use since the 1970s, might be a valuable tool in treating severe depression and reducing suicidal urges; they have launched two studies to explore the … Read more on

Kennedy Calling For Equal Coverage Of Mental Health — Yes, Still
Would you cover intermediate care? Would you cover acute care? Yes, yes, yes? Then do it for addiction and depression and other mental illnesses. …Do you do it for rehab for stroke? Do you do inpatient, do you do outpatient? You do? Okay, then we've … Read more on WBUR