Secret Sex – a Book Alive Online: Chapter 45 – Strife of the Party

Secret Sex – A Book Alive Online: Chapter 45 – Strife of the Party
Michelle has been in and out of several drug rehabilitation centers, each one more exclusive and expensive than the last as she married and divorced ever-more-successful husbands. She is currently on husband number six, the owner of a firm that … Read more on eNewsChannels

Drugs, Corruption Rampant in Indonesian Prisons
Ali Aranoval, director of the Center for Detention Studies in Jakarta said the government should also put drug users in rehabilitation centers rather than jail. He said that drug dealers and users account for nearly 60,000 of the total 160,000 prisoners. Read more on Voice of America

Recovery Associates Brings Its Leading-Edge Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Recovery Associates is a drug and alcohol treatment center that provides a variety of programs and services for men, women and teens struggling with chemical dependency issues. At the core of their philosophy is the belief that addiction is a treatable … Read more on (press release)