Scientology Explained in 166 Seconds by Anonymous


Scientology Explained In 166 Seconds by Anonymous – Scientology is an exploitative cult. Scientology’s teachings are rehashed from religions, philosophy, psychology, satanism, military training manuals, self help courses, and stories about aliens. Scientology sells it’s teachings to it’s followers. It costs 0000 to complete the levels of teachings. The cult claims high level followers can obtain super powers. Scientology is tax exempt. It’s centers are usually empty. The buildings are purchased for the real estate’s value. Cult members use CIA interrogation techniques when introducing Scientology to members of the public. It runs schools and drug rehabilitation clinics where it covertly promotes Scientology. The cult recruits celebrities to use as spokespersons. All cult members secrets are recorded in confessional therapy sessions. These secrets are used to blackmail and manipulate members. Scientology has a policy of slandering anyone they dislike by finding dirt on them. If they can’t find dirt on someone they make up lies about the person. Scientology has a policy of harassing or destroying anyone they dislike. They have a policy of filing bogus lawsuits against people. They filed bogus lawsuits against the cult awareness network, bankrupted them, and bought them. Scientology members sought jobs in the US government and prevented law enforcement from prosecuting their crimes. The cult arranges marriages and forces members to have abortions and divorces. some members are forced to disconnect with their friends and


Michigan Based Best Drug Rehabilitation (BDR) Helps NYC Fashion Week

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Michigan-based Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment center offers residential treatment programs, and believes that having family close by during a stay in rehab can make a big difference in whether or not the process is successful. Best Drug …
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